July 27, 2022 | Category: Presentation

Uncommon explorations between green technologies, climate hopes, and the anthropological imagination

Pablo Ampuero-Ruiz co-organised a panel at the 17th European Association of Social Anthropologists Biennial Conference 2022 in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dr Pablo Ampuero-Ruiz co-convened with Jonas Köppel (The Graduate Institute of Geneva) the panel “Uncommon Explorations between Green Technologies, Climate Hopes, and the Anthropological Imagination” at the EASA 2022 Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Both sessions of the panel were chaired by Dr Cristóbal Bonelli, PI of Worlds of Lithium. The papers authored by Dr Marina Weinberg, Zane Datava (NUST) and Anna-Sophie Hobi (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), and Dr Diane Ayeh (Heimholtz Centre for Environmental Research, UFZ) were discussed by Dr Simone Abram (Durham University). In the second session, Dr Horacio Ortiz (CNRS & ECNU) discussed papers by Dr Pauline Destrée (Durham University), Daniela Soto (University of Sussex), Kārlis Lakševics (Wageningen University & Research), and Dr Selina Gallo-Cruz (Syracuse University).

Recordings of first and second session are available through our YouTube channel.