Professor Gabrielle Hetch
March 23, 2023 | Category: Workshop

Professor Gabrielle Hetch, from Stanford University, visited the Worlds of Lithium team in Northern Chile

Cristobal Bonelli & Marina Weinberg
Professor Gabrielle Hetch, together with PhD candidate Jaime Landinez, both from Stanford University, visited Marina Weinberg and Cristobal Bonelli in Northern Chile. The Worlds of Lithium project, in collaboration with the Instituto de Investigaciones Arqueológicas y Museo (IIAM-UCN), organized a workshop with IIAM members Lautaro Ñuñez, Valentina Figueroa, Jacinta Arthur and Fernanda Kalazich to discuss current research trends in Atacama desert concerning lithium extraction and beyond. Moreover, WOL organized a joint fieldwork with professor Hetch and visited some places in the Andean Altiplano, as well as the city of Tocopilla, where they all met WOL collaborator Damir Galaz Mandakovic. This first collaborative moment will hopefully lead to long-term collaboration between the WOL ERC project and current research by Hetch on the earthly implications of the Anthropocene concerning lithium extraction.