December 14, 2023 | Category: Keynote


Pablo Ampuero Ruiz and Cristobal Bonelli

Team members Pablo Ampuero Ruiz and Cristobal Bonelli disseminated preliminary findings concerning research on China and lithium ion batteries at NÚCLEO MILENIO ICLAC.

A Keynote was presented by Pablo Ampuero: “Electromobilidad, Trabajo, y Energía: Intercalando iones y trabajadores en la megalópolis de Shenzhen”.

The Millennium Core on China's Impacts in Latin America (ICLAC) or Millenium Nucleus on the Impacts of China in Latin America and the Caribbean is an interdisciplinary proposal that seeks to address one of the greatest foreign policy and sustainable development challenges facing developing countries: China's rise as its main economic partner and the concomitant increase in its political influence on the political agendas of these countries. China's impact on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is paradigmatic, as it is a continent where 67% of its population lives in a country where China is the main economic partner.

The general objective of this Nucleus is to deepen the understanding of the political consequences of China's capital boom in Latin America over the past twenty years, both in its socio-economic and cultural dimension.