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October 26, 2023 | Category: Presentation

Governing batteries and climate finance research 

Pablo Ampuero Ruiz participated in workshops in Switzerland and Canada

During 26 and 27 October, Dr Ampuero-Ruiz, postdoctoral researcher with WOL, took part in the final workshop of the Governing Batteries project at the Graduate Institute in Geneva Switzerland. Drawing from his recent fieldwork in Shenzhen, he presented part of his research on the mobile and fixed aspects that enable electromobility in China. The research was well received by the participants of the workshop, who manifested the need for more knowledge about China to understand the complexities of the global lithium industry.

The following week, Dr Ampuero-Ruiz participated in the week-long inaugural event of the Climate Finance Group within the Society for Economic Anthropology. This workshop aimed at mapping the ongoing questions in economic anthropology with regards to climate finance, which has been a growing concern of Dr Ampuero-Ruiz. In the event, our colleague pitched his research proposal about financialisation of green commodities like lithium and copper, and the production of green financial imaginaries.