September 24, 2021 | Category: Seminar

Diálogos de Litio: S.O.S.tenibilidad y Extractivismo en el Desierto de Atacama

Diálogos de Litio closes a successful cycle of discussions and exchanges with Latin American scholars and opinion leaders

The seminar series “Diálogos de Litio: S.O.S.tenibilidad y Extractivismo en el desierto de Atacama” presented an opportunity for public dialogues with relevant scholars, local leaders, and scholars of varied expertise around the problems and challenges associated with the extractivism of lithium in the Atacama desert. A total of seven sessions took part between March and September 2021, providing novel and multi-layered analyses about the dynamics, complexities, and the social and material transformations unfolding in the places where lithium is extracted.

For the coming years, the series will explore other territories in transformation in Norway and China. Finally, in the course of 2024, it expects to provide an interregional and intercontinental discussion that responds to the challenges of rethinking the S.O.S.tenibilidad, and stimulate a collaborative conversation between experts from different countries. Go to DIALOGUES on this webpage to see the full agenda.